Non-Netted Sods: The Best Choice for Alexandria, VA Lawns

    Looking for a lush and low-maintenance lawn in Alexandria, VA? Look no further than Premiere Turf Farms and our selection of non-netted sods. Unlike traditional sod that is grown with netting, our non-netted sod offers a stronger root system, faster establishment, consistent appearance, and low maintenance.

    Why is Netting Necessary?

    Netting is an essential element in the production of turf-type tall fescue sod. This plastic mesh is placed over the bare ground after planting, allowing the grass seed to germinate and grow through the netting for stability during harvesting and transportation. This is why some farms use netting to add stability. Netted fields can be harvested and replanted within a year. However, netting is not without its drawbacks.

    While netting provides many benefits, it can also present challenges. The netting is designed to hold it together, so it doesn’t break down in the soil quickly. When you have to install a new landscape bed, cutting through netting can be a time-consuming and difficult task.

    Why Choose Non-Netted Sod?

    At Premier Turf Farms, we believe that non-netted sod provides many advantages over traditional sod. The mature plants have firmer roots, creating a stronger foundation for your new lawn.

    While growing non-netted sod is a more time-consuming and energy-intensive process, we aim to offer this option to our customers without a premium price. Simply let us know if you’re interested in non-netted sod when placing your order.

    We Offer 100% Non-netted Sod

    Our goal at Premier Turf Farms is to grow 100% non-netted sod, balancing the extra work with the benefits of a mature and strong lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our non-netted sod options and how we can help you create the perfect lawn for your Alexandria, VA property.

    If you’re looking for a lawn that provides the perfect balance of beauty and functionality, look no further than the non-netted sods offered by Premiere Turf Farms. Our selection of non-netted sods is specifically designed to thrive in the unique conditions of Alexandria, VA, and offers many benefits over traditional lawns.

    Advantages of Non-Netted Sods

    • Strong root systems – Non-netted sods are grown without the use of nets, which can damage delicate root systems. This results in stronger, more robust roots that are better able to withstand the challenges of the Alexandria climate.
    • Faster establishment – Non-netted sods have a head start on seed-grown lawns, with established roots and a mature grass canopy. This means you’ll enjoy a beautiful lawn much sooner than with traditional seed-grown options.
    • Consistent appearance – Our non-netted sods are carefully harvested and hand-selected to ensure consistent appearance and texture. This means you’ll enjoy a uniform look for your Alexandria lawn, without the hassle of patchy growth or uneven color.
    • Low maintenance – Our non-netted sods are grown using sustainable, low-maintenance methods, meaning you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance and more time enjoying your beautiful lawn.

    Why Choose Premiere Turf Farms

    At Premiere Turf Farms, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality non-netted sods to Alexandria, VA customers. Our sod is grown using sustainable methods, with the environment and your lawn’s health as our top priorities. Our sod is also backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

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