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In general we need to know how much you need, where you want it, and when. Give us your total square footage and we’ll figure out how many rolls or pallets you need. Also let us know if you want non-netted sod. For more info on non-netted sod click here.
We usually start harvesting around 4 am and all sod is cut to order. We don't have harvested sod waiting for a customer. This insures the freshest product possible. Some small orders are literally harvested and loaded in a minute. Therefore it is important to call ahead when ordering sod.    

For pickups we like to have notice the day before. For deliveries it is wise to call as far in advance as possible. Sometimes we get booked days out during the busy seasons. Even if you don't know exactly what you need it can reserve a spot on a truck on a particular day. Fridays especially get busy with weekend warrior deliveries. You can always call the day of and see if we can fit you into our schedule, but planning ahead is the best plan.    
Our sod is harvested in 2'x5' rolls(10 sq ft.). We stack up to 54 rolls per pallet(540 sq ft). One roll can weigh 35-50 lbs or more and one pallet can weigh 1 ton or more depending on moisture. Our sod comes on wooden pallets that are 4'x4' but the sod hangs out over the edge. 

When rain is in the forecast, please let us know if you still want your sod. We can cut it before the storm if you want it rain or shine. Wet sod is heavy sod and field conditions can get too wet to harvest. 

Our pricing is based on quantity, so for accurate prices you will need to know how much sod you need. Our first price break is at 1 full pallet.  

We charge $10 per wooden pallet that is refunded when the pallets are returned in good condition. Sod pallets are a specific type. Other pallets do not work.

Accurate Measuring

Of course measuring for sod sounds so simple, but there are some things to keep in mind. The most accurate way to measure large areas is with a measuring wheel. A less accurate way is with a tape measure, unless the area is small. Even less accurate is to step or walk it off. The worst way to measure is to eyeball it.

Its easiest to divide the area into squares, rectangles, or triangles. Sometimes you have to generalize along curving landscaping and other obstacles. Sometimes circles can be used as well, but usually that is a special circumstance. Just remember, ordering a little extra sod is less expensive than getting a second delivery. Leftover sod can be placed into holes and odd areas. We have also had people make money selling excess sod on Craiglslist! If you need more help we are only a phone call away. Call us at 703-431-3385!

Delivery Details

We have two types of delivery trucks - a straight truck that can hold up to 6 pallets and a tractor-trailer that can hold up to 18 pallets. They both have forklifts on the back. Many times, we will have one or more delivery stops on the same truck. If you think our tractor-trailer can’t fit down your street, please tell us that when you place the order. 

Please let us know if there are special circumstances concerning your delivery that we should be aware of, such as you live in a gated community or you want the sod put in a specific location(or not in a specific location!). Our forklifts are 8' wide and can maneuver easily. We know lugging sod around your yard is a lot of work, so we will spot/spread the pallets around the site if possible.

Pickup Details

Want to come out to the beautiful countryside and get your own sod straight from the farm? The biggest consideration is the weight and volume your vehicle can handle.

Generally, the trunk of a sedan holds 8 rolls. A small station wagon or SUV might hold a 16 rolls. A small pickup, minivan, or medium SUV might hold 30. A 1/2 ton pickup (with or without a small trailer) or large SUV can hold up to a pallet. A 3/4 ton truck with a full length bed can easily handle a full pallet plus some extra, maybe even two pallets at certain times of the year. 
Small quantities, we hand load into your vehicle. If coming in a pickup we usually load with a forklift. We can also hand stack larger amounts into your pickup or trailer so you don't need to take and pay for the pallet.  
Sod can vary by weight due to moisture content so please keep this in mind. If you are hauling it in your car it might be a good idea to bring a small tarp or other protective cover.
Call Us at 703-431-3385 for Fast, Friendly Services.
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