Turf Care

Proper Turf Care

Premier Turf Farms guarantees living, healthy sod, however sod is highly perishable. In temperatures over 70°, it may suffer irreparably in only hours if not watered properly. If so, we won't replace it for free. Please review our watering guidelines below and ask all questions before the installation.

Watering Is Crucial 

Watering is the most crucial aspect of new sod establishment. Sod is highly perishable, so without proper watering, your new yard may brown or, worse, completely die. At certain times of the year, it is much easier, like during cooler seasons, when long sleeves are necessary. You can have a great lawn in the summer, but it will require more effort and due diligence.
How do you know when you have watered enough? Roll the sod back and look underneath. You will notice random areas underneath the sod where water is coming through. You will be almost halfway to watering in your sod when the wet area is greater than the dry area underneath the sod. When the ground beneath the sod is completely saturated, you're finished watering.

Maintaining Your Sod

To help maintain your new turf in premier condition, see these links below to websites for the VA Tech extension service website, Turfgrass Producers International, and VA Tech Turf Weeds ID.
You'll find helpful articles on many topics for developing a healthy lawn including pest control, watering, fertilizing, and more in the Mid-Atlantic zone. Of course, if you still have questions or concerns, you can always contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.
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