5 Lawn Care Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, over 80% of American homes have a lawn. Caring for your lawn is an important part of lawn maintenance, yet there are several lawn care myths floating around that are counterproductive. Here are some lawn care myths you shouldn’t believe.

1. You Need to Water Your Lawn Daily

This lawn care myth is false and, in fact, overwatering your lawn can do more harm than good. You should water your lawn deeply and infrequently, about once a week. This encourages deeper root growth and helps the lawn become more drought-tolerant.

2. Fertilizer Is Always Necessary

Fertilizers can be overused or ineffective if the lawn’s needs aren’t taken into consideration. Before applying any fertilizer, you’ll want to test your soil and determine what exactly your lawn is lacking in terms of nutrients. Only then should you add fertilizer as a supplement.

3. Mow Very Short

Mowing your lawn too short can cause it to become dry and weak. You should only cut your lawn when needed and only remove the top third of the grass blade. Doing so helps protect the lawn from disease and pests while also promoting a thick lawn that’s more drought-tolerant.

4. Aeration Is Unnecessary

Aeration is a lawn care service that removes small plugs of soil from the lawn. It helps to improve water and nutrient absorption as well as reduce compaction. If your lawn has heavy foot traffic or clay-based soil, it’s especially beneficial for lawn health.

5. You Don’t Need Professional Lawn Services

Lawn care can indeed be done on your own, but there are many benefits to hiring a professional lawn service. With their help, you’ll get expert advice and lawn services like aeration, mowing, and fertilization tailored to the specific needs of your lawn. Plus, you’ll have more time to enjoy your lawn instead of doing all the lawn care yourself.

It’s important to take care of your lawn. By knowing which lawn care myths to ignore, you’ll be able to keep your lawn looking its best and save money in the long run by not overfertilizing or overwatering it. Do yourself a favor and contact our team at Premier Turf Farms for expert lawn services today.

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