3 Ways to Take Advantage of Sod Installation Near Me

In developing neighborhoods or refurbished properties, houses may be without lawns for the time being. This often gives construction companies the freedom to perform their work without damaging, indenting, or treading an existing lawn. While some new homeowners may prefer to plant their own grass seed and watch their lawn from scratch, sod companies are also popular resources. Here are three ways to take advantage when searching for “sod installation near me.”



When sod lawns are unrolled and fitted like carpet onto your lawn, they already contain some moisture within them since the grass is already alive. These lawn services set you up for a 50% reduction in daily watering compared to the four waterings per day you would be suggested to do with regular grass seed, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. Sod lawns allow you to water the lawn at your leisure for the first couple of weeks, rather than taking up much of the day. For homeowners who’ve just installed their first lawn, this extra time can be spent relaxing in their yards. 77% of Americans relax in this way once per month according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals.



The cushion that sod possesses gives it an extra layer of protection from warping and damage. When unrolled upon the dirt yard, sod is less likely to bow under the weight of feet, lawn furniture, or motorized vehicles. This ensures that your property retains its beauty and shape for years to come. This comes with further assurance that children will be less likely to trip or twist an ankle, and muddy puddles will not form over time.


Adds Value to Your Home

Sod lawns are a hot commodity. They are cooler to the touch than asphalt, concrete, and artificial turf. Like trees on your property, sod lawns can bring down energy costs in your home and help regulate temperature. These lawns can add an additional 15% or 20% of your home’s value when you go to sell, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Their durability, luster, and rigidity to hold shape make them desirable. A perfect lawn is one that you hardly even notice.

If your home is currently under construction and you are approaching the move-in and completion day, there is still time to consider using sod for your lawn instead of an alternative. All it takes is one internet search for “sod installation near me” and you’ll be hooked up with professionals. Give us a call today for more information on sod installations.

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